by E.L. Heiman*)


Abstract: Overcallused shells of Cypraea tigris, Lyncina carneola and Erosaria moneta and rostrated shells of Cypraea tigris, Mauritia histrio and Cypraea pantherina are presented. In some shells rostration of their extremities is combined with overcallusness.

This article is first published in TRITON 8, September 2003.

Key words: Mollusca, Gastropoda, Cypraeidae, rostration, overcallusness.


Several unique overcallused and rostrated shells preserved in collection of Josef Rapoport can be seen on Plates 1-2.

In Figs. 1-2. on Plate 1 one can see a very overcallused shell of Cypraea tigris Linnaeus, 1758.

In shells of the same species presented on Plate 1, Figs. 3-4 a phenomenon of rostration is combined with overcallusness of the shell.

In shells of Lyncina carneola (Linnaeus, 1758)—Plate 1, Fig. 5., Cypraea tigris (Plate 1 Fig. 6; Plate 2, Figs. 3-4.) and Erosaria moneta (Linnaeus, 1758)—Plate 2 Figs. 5–6. one can see an exceptional abundant local callus deposition.

Rostration in a shell, which can be seen in Figs. 7-8. on Plate 1, is similar to the cases reported for Erosaria turdus pardalina (Dunker, 1852), Erosania nebrites (Melvill, 1888) and Erosaria macandrewi (Sowerby, 1870) from East Sinai.


An occurrence of rostration in a shell of Mauritia histrio (Gmelin, 1791)—Plate 2 Figs. 1-2 is observed here for the first time.


In Cypraea pantherina (Lightfoot, 1786)—Plate 2, Fig. 7—rostration is combined with deformation of the shell.


I like to thank Mr. Josef Rapoport for the permission to publish the pictures of these interesting shells in his collection.



Heiman, E.L. 2002. Cowries of East Sinai. 208 pp.


*) E. L. Heiman P.O.Box 664 Rehovot 76100 Israel E-mail: heimel@netvision.net.il


Plate 1



1.- 2. Cypraea tigris Linnaeus, 1758, f. overcallused


3.- 4. Cypraea tigris Linnaeus, 1758, f. overcallused and rostrated


5. Lyncina carneola (Linnaeus, 1758), f. overcallused


6. Cypraea tigris Linnaeus , 1758, f. overcallused


7. - 8. Cypraea tigris Linnaeus, 1758, f. rostrated + overcallused


Plate 2



1. - 2. Mauritia histrio (Gmelin, 1791)


3. - 4. Cypraea tigris Linnaeus, 1758, f. overcallused + rostrated


5. - 6 . Erosaria moneta (Linnaeus, 1758) f. overcallused

7. C. pantherina Lightfoot, 1786, f. deformed + rostrated


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