[Cuvier, 1797]

1. Subclass: EOGASTROPODA Ponder & Lindberg, 1996
[= PROSOBRANCHIA Milne Edwards, 1848 p.p.; = AZYGOBRANCHIA Spengel, 1881 p.p.]
"The clade Eogastropoda was defined by Ponder and Lindberg 1997 to distinguish the most primitive gastropods from their more derived cousins. This was based on the argument that the limpets (Patellacea/Patelloidea/Patellina), originally classified as "archaeogastropods" because of soft-part anatomy [Moore, et al. 1952, p.309 ], and considered specialised descendants of Pleurotomariaceans, are actually a group of much more primitive survivors from the original gastropod radiation..."
the Eogastropoda, comprising the true limpets - Patellogastropoda - and their extinct, probably coiled, ancestors

  Order: Patellogastropoda (the true Limpets)
  Suborder: Patellina
  SuperFamily: Patelloidea
  Family: Patellidae (Marine Limpets)
"Members of the family Patellidae can be found worldwide in both temperate and tropical seas. The shells are limpet-shaped and often radially ribbed. The spatula (inside of the apex) often has a different colour from the rest of the shell, a feature used in identification. .."

Genus: Patella, Helcion

Patella (Scutellastra) laticostata
Blainville, H.M.D. de, 1825
75 - 110 mm
Helcion (Patinastra) pruinosus
(Krauss, C.F., 1848)
25 mm

    Suborder: Nacellina
  SuperFamily: Nacelloidea
  Family: Nacellidae
Shells are often smaller and thinner than the Patellidae. They either have no or weak radiating sculpture.

Genus: Nacella, Cellana, Naccula

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Nacella mytilina
(Helbling, 1779 )
Cellana eucosmia
(Pilsbry, H.A., 1891)
25 mm

      SuperFamily: Acmaeoidea
  Family: Lottidae
  SubFamily: Lottinae

Genus: Lottia, Notoacmea, Asteracmea, Niveotectura, Nipponacmea

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Lottia dorsuosa
(Gould, A.A., 1859)
25 mm
Notoacmea concinna fuscoviridis
Teramachi, A., 1843 40 mm
Niveotectura pallida
(Gould, A.A., 1859)
32 mm
Nipponacmea schrenckii
(Lischke, 1868)


  SubFamily: Patelloidinae
Shallow water limpets found on rocks or seaweeds

Genus: Patelloida, Potamacmaea, Yayoiacmea

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Patelloida alticostata
(Angas, G.F., 1865)
25 - 40 mm


Family: Acaeididae
  SubFamily: Pectinodontinae (deep sea limpets)

Genus: Pectinodonta, Serradonta, Bathyacmaea

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Pectinodonta ryhssa
(Dall, 1925)
8 mm.
  SubFamily: Propilidinae

Genus: Propilidium

Propilidium curumim
(Leal, J.H.N. & L.R.L. de Simone, 1998)
to 6 mm

    Suborder: Lepetopsina
    Family: Neolepetopsidae (hydrothermal vent limpet)

Genus: Paralepetopsis

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