Shells Used In Costume and Accessories

#1 Young Aztec "Conchera" Dancers (Concheras=Shell Blowers) at "Elders' Dinner in Eureka, California. They are using Strombus gigas shell horns
(Photo: Yoshimoto)



#2 & 3 Nigerian Puberty Rites Mask with
fur and Cowry Shells
(Photo: Yoshimoto)


#4. Young Yurok Dancer with full regalia (Abalone & Dentalium necklaces and
Glycymeris sp. bival covered shirt
(Photo: Shapeero)

#5 Close up of the Abalone & Dentalium necklaces from #4 (Photo: Yoshimoto)

#6 Afghani oxen shell/mirror amulet mask to ward off evil
(Photo: Yoshimoto)

#7 Indian(India) cowry shell and mirror amulet purse
(Photo: Yoshimoto)

#8 West African Cowry Belt
(Photo: Yoshimoto)

#9 Nigerian Cowry shell and fibre basket
(Photo: Yoshimoto)

#10 Yamabushi (Shigendo, Mountain Aescetic Buddhist Sect) w/ Triton Shell -
Trumpet in net bag on his chest
(This is a postcard from the Ancient Costume Museum in Kyoto, Japan)