Shells Used in Religious Ceremonies

Turbinella pyrum (Sacred Chank) design on Tibetan and Nepalese carpets. The Turbinella pyrum is one of the eight sacred objects in Hindu & Buddhist traditions.
(Himalyan Rug Store, Eureka, California)


Shiva rescuing the stolen Sacred Chank that carries "the Truth" from
bottom of the sea. (Soapstone carving from India)
Yoshimoto Collection

Turbinella pyrum (Sacred Chank) Shell Trumpet from Tibet, with carved silver mouthpiece and "wing" with dragon. (Himalyan Rug Store,
Eureka, California & Yoshimoto Collection)

Tlinkit Indian Raven Mask with teeth made from Astraea gibberosa opercula.
(Campbell River Art Museum gift shop, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada)