Visual Shell Kit
Gastopoda Section 1

Class: Gastropoda: The univalves (one piece shell): This is the better known and highly prized shells found in most collections. They are marine, freshwater and terrestrial snails.


Red Abalone
(Haliotis rufescens)
NOTE: This is the largest species of abalone in the world
10 - 12 " (12.5 cm.)


Donkey's Ear Abalone
(Haliotis asinima)
2.5" (6.5 cm)

Rumphius's Slit Shell
(Pleurotomaria rumphii)
NOTE: slit just visible in lower left corner of left shell. Due to it's rarity (deep water and fragile) this is quite a uncommon shell for the average collector to own.
8" (20 cm.)


Talc Limpet:
(Cellana talcosa)
2 1/2" (6.5 cm)

Keyhole limpet
(Megathura crenulata)
4 - 5" (10 -12.5 cm.)


True Limpet: Long-ribbed or Star Limpet
(Patella longicosta)
NOTE: The left and center shell still has it's skin or periostracum in tact

to 3" (7 cm.)


Strawberry Top Shell
(Clanculus puniceus )
NOTE: This shell fluoresces under UV light
1" (2.5 cm.)


Common Button Shells
(Umbonium vestiarum)
NOTE: This shell fluoresces under UV light
1/2" (0.75 cm.)


Commercial Top shell
(Trochus niloticus)
5" (12.5 cm.)


Tapestry Turban
(Turbo petholatus)
NOTE: The popular name 'Cat-Eye' ,refers
to the beauty of the green chalky operculum or trap door

3" (7 cm.)


Silver-mouth Turban
(Turbo argyrostoma)
NOTE: this shell often has its surface layer stripped off then polished and sold as a mother of pearl turban
(7 cm.)


Triumph Star Shell:
(Guilfordia yoka)
3 - 4" (7 - 10 cm.)



Common Delphinula
(Angaria delphinius)
NOTE: these shells are often stripped of their surface by acid and sold as mother-of-pearl shells for craft work etc.

3" (7 cm.)


Pheasant Shell
(Phasianella australis)
NOTE: This shell fluoresces under UV light
(5 cm.)


Bleeding tooth Nerite
(Nerita peloronta)
up to 2"
(5 cm.)

Polished Nerites
(Nerita polita )
up to 1/2" (0.75 cm.)


Common Periwinkle
(Littorina littorea )
(2.5 cm.)


Screw Turritela
(Turretela terebra)
6" (15 cm.)


West Indian Worm Shell
(Vermicularia spirata)
14" plus (25 - 35 cm.)


(Architectonica perspectiva)
(5 cm.)


Commom Cetith
(Rhinoclavis vertagus)
2" (5 cm.)


Rough Vertagus
(Rhinoclavis aspera)
NOTE: Operculum is in place
2" (5 cm.)


Precious Wentletrap
(Epitonium scalare)
Note the trap door (operculum) is in place
2" (5 cm.)


Purple Sailor
(Janthina janthina) NOTE: This is a floater and due to the light weight and very fragile nature of this shell not many perfect specimens are in collections)
1 1/2" (4 cm.)


Common Atlantic Slipper Limpet Shell
(Crepidula fornicata)
up tp 2" (5 cm.)



Carrier Snails
(Family: Xenophora)
NOTE: its often very difficult to see the actual shell as they glue as many shells, pieces of coral, sponges, pebbles etc to their own shell
as they can for camouflage.
2 - 4"
(5 - 10 cm.)


Sunburst Carrier Shell
(Stellaria solaris)
NOTE: this carrier shell does not attach anything to its shell
3 1/2"
(8.5 cm.)


Common Pelican's-foot
(Aporrhais pesgallinae)
(5 cm.)


Pink or Queen Conch
(Strombus gigas)
8 - 12" (20 - 30 cm.)

Dog Conch
(Strombus canarium )
to 3" (7.5 cm.)


Little Bear Conch
(Strombus urceus)
to 3" (7.5 cm.)

Strawberry Conch
(Strombus luhuanus )
to 3"
(7.5 cm.)


Spider Conch
(Lambis chiragra)

7" (17.5 cm.)

Shinbone Tibia (Stombidae Family)
(Tibia fusus)
12" (30 cm.)