Visual Shell Kit
Terrestrial & Freshwater Section


Helix aspersa
to 1" plus(1.8 to 3 cms.)
NOTE: this is a member of the Helicidae family of which is most commy know, sold and eaten around the world as escargot.


Emerald Manus Tree Snail
Papuina pulcherrima

1" plus(2.5 - 4 cms.)
NOTE:This beautiful tree snail from the island of Manus is a very protected species at this time. Buying of or selling of this tree snail is illegal

Polymita picta
Cuban Land Snail
1" plus(3.2 cms.)


Liguus virgineus
Candy Cane Snail
to 1"plus (4 cms.)


Ampullariidae Pomacea
Apple Snails
to 4" (10 cms.)


Achitina Fulica
Giant Land Snail
to 12" (326 cm.)


Cerion chrysallis
Peanut Shell
NOTE: This is a Cuban landsnail that is often sold as a crafting shell
1" (2.5 cms.)

Spotted Banana Slug
(Ariolimax columbianus)
NOTE: the largest of all North American slugs and the second largest land slug in the world
6 - 8" (15 - 20 cms.)




Freshwater Bivalves

Western fanshell or Edible pearly mussel
Unuioniidae: (Cyprogenia aberti)
NOTE: member of the North American freshwater pearly mussels (Unionoida)
3 5/8 " ( 9.2 cms)


Asian Freshwater Clam
or prosperity clam.
(Corbicula Fluminea)
2 - 2 1/2 " (5 - 6.5 cms)