Man and Mollusc
Lesson Plan for Kindergarten to Grade 3



Lesson Goals:

  1. Introduce what a mollusc is
  2. Provide a very generalized idea of three of the seven molluscan classes:
  3. Get to know where different molluscs live
  4. What do molluscs eat and what else do they need to live healthy, happy lives
  5. How do we as humans use molluscs and why are they so important to us
  6. How are molluscs like other animals and how are they different


Shell Hands-on Activities:

  1. Have children bring in any shells that they might have personally. Place each child's shells in a zip lock bag and label them well
  2. Teachers, you may want to set up a classroom terrarium, aquariums or a similar display. See instructions on how to do this in the main lesson plan
  3. Bring in edible shells that are purchased fro groceries store or from sea food markets so that the children can actually see the anima, not just its shell. If to be kept for a few days, these may be preserved in rubbing alcohol
  4. Set up a display of sea shelss and have the children try to identify these. Be sure to print out the "Visual Shell Kit" available to help you out


Story Time:

Read "Sammy's Adventure to the class. Have a short discussion to see how many things they can learn about a land snail from the story


Miscellaneous Activities: (Children's art work, poems etc. can be displayed on the Man and Mollusc Web site if they would like to see them there. Visit the Kid's Zone (/kid_zone.html) for details.

  1. Colour prepared molluscan pictures. Try to provide each child with a gastropod, bivalve and cephalopod picture
  2. Draw a snail
  3. Write their own snail story, limerick or poem
  4. Make a classroom poster or collage