Mystery Gastropod


Dear friend,

Please help me to identify this specimen, i never seen this before, it was captured in the north of peru (panamic province) with a ostraea camp.

Thanks for the help

Send Ideas to: Julio Palacios K.

Identified: juvenile Macrocypraea cervus


  • I believe this in an immature cowry species; however I do not know what Cowries live in Peru so cannot ID the species. ...Avril B.

  • Dear Avril, Thanks for your answer, I also think that he is a youthful one of Cypraedidae, en Peru are not many species of family Cipraedidae: Cypraea arabicula, Cypraea robertsii and Cypraea cervinetta.
    I think is a young of C. cervinetta, it has pattern of color of a variety of cervinetta.
    Best regards, Eduardo Palacios

  • I'd say the third one is Cypraea cervinetta. No other eastern pacific cowry gets that big. Beautiful shell. ...Peter E.

  • Definitely a subadult Cypraea, but beyond that I can't venture. ... Andrew G.

  • the Peru gastropod pictured by Julio Palacios (Sep 1, 2007) surely is a juvenile Macrocypraea cervus (Linnaeus, 1771). See the following presentation for comparative pictures: ... Marlo K.

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