Mystery ???

Data: I have a mystery mollusk (as far as I know, thats what it is). My sister discovered it whilst on holiday in cornwall, uk. Neither I, nor my dad have seen ANYTHING like this before.

The creature has a flatish shell, which is translucent, when the creature oppened up it had tentacles (not sure of how many, but over 15 I would guess). The shell is then attached via a 'branch' to a central soft spongey thing, which is white. I'm going to try and attach my best photo of it.

I'm really curious as to what it is, thank you for your time

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Identified: Goose Barnacles



  • This is not a mollusk but is a barnacle, commonly called the Goose Barnacle... Dick P.

  • The live animals are goose barnacles. These often attach to floating objects at sea.... Allen A.

  • Field Museum: ;; Cornwall Wild trust

  • the first one is not a mollusck but a crustacean (Class Maxillipoda, subclass Thecostraca)! Here in Brazil we call it Lepa.. but is a kind of barnacle. It is common on floating wood.... Wiggers

  • The goose barnacle is Dosimia fascicularis Ellis & Solander, 1786. This barnacle produces a floatable small ball and is always attached to it. At times as in your image a group are attached to a single ball....Constantine M.



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