Mystery ???


Dear Avril!

I dont have much experience with shells. But I got these on a travel to the himalaya and I am curious to know about them. As far as I understand they are sinistral.

I would be grateful for your help!

For more fossils and views of the below fossils just click on the link below:

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  • A little more info on the sinistral shells would be helpful, especially size and location. "Himalaya"? Really?

  • The gastropods are a mixed bag. The smooth ones with crystals or agate inside (1,2,3,5 and 8) look like Physa, a common, fossil and recent genus of left handed fresh water shells. They are possibly too big to be in that genus. The two (shells 4 and 6) that look like Busycon are probably Florida Pliocene fossils. The presence of an other unrelated, Recent shell ( 7, which is not sinistral anyway) implies a 'collection' from multiple sources, not all local.

  • In a link , Shell No. 7 appears to be the species Volva volva Linn. (Family : Cypraeidae), commonly known as 'Shuttle Shell'. This shell is located at Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep islands of India. Its status is 'uncommon'.
    With best wishes, Chandrashekhar P.

  • Sinistral fossil - probably Glyptophysa (if cainate) or Physa sp Kumar Himalayas fossil - Buccinidae. Judging by labral sinus ...Andrew G.



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