Data: Hello how are you? I am curious as to what type of fossils these are?. I live in central NY along a creek bed. It is full of these types of fossils. Just wonder how they turned up in fresh water up in NY Mountain region. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and concern.

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  • I believe that they are a brachiopod fossil ... Avril B.

  • You're right-it is a spiriferid brachiopod. The person asking wondered how they got into freshwater in New York mountains. When the brachiopods were alive, the area was a shallow, warm ocean not too far from the equator. What is now Europe slowly collided with what is now North America, pushing up the Apalachians and eliminating the ocean. The modern creek is eroding away the ancient rock, allowing you to find the remains of animals that lived in that ancient sea. ... Dr. David C.

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