Species: Corolla spectabilis (Dall 1871) or Corolla calceola (Verrill 1880). Following van der Spoel, 1976, the two are both valid species. According to his distribution maps C. calceola occurs in the NW and SE Atlantic, with a single occurrence in the Pacific. C. spectabilis is known from both the Pacific and the Atlantic, along the N American coasts.
(The above comments were made by: by A. Grebneff and A. Janssen)

Picture courtesy of Ed Tichenor
July 05, 2002

NOTE: This tiny mollusc is actually sitting on the gloved hand of a SCUBA diver. You can see how small and beautiful it really is and one of the lower appendages can be made out if you look carefully.

Of interest: it was described as a "larval Mickey Mouse"