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    Kid's Corner:      

1.  Pages to print out and colour:

2.  Make an Origami Snail


3.  A page of Snail Jokes

4. Drawing a Snail is Easy to Do!

5. More Fun Pages on the WWW

  • Enchanted Learning.com: Kids!!!! Be sure to "Tell your teachers about EnchantedLearning.com! and their mollusk pages to color online. This a GREAT site for kids and teachers alike. Help teachers to bring molluscs into your classroom.
6. Molluscan Clipart and Graphics



Teacher's Corner:

Be sure to check out my:

  • Teacher's Zone : This is "my attempt" to help educators in locating suitable online materials for their personal use. Lots of tips, lesson plans and classroom aids specifically designed for teachers and other educators.

  • Molluscan Educational Resources Page: A good page for you to learn online all about molluscs. For elementary or beginner levels, watch specifically for Sammy Snail . For good educational sites anywhere on Man and Mollusc, watch for Edu Snail.

Shells For the Classroom: If you would like to introduce molluscs and their shells to your classroom but you don't have shells to actually provide hand-on, Please contact me ( Avril Bourquin) I will make sure that you have a supply for your lessons.


WWW sites for teachers: Now located in the Teacher's Zone


Good Lesson Plans: Now located in the Teacher's Zone



Something For Everyone:

1.   How to make your own conch trumpet by Winston Barney

2.   In this section, you can look at the intricacies of keeping molluscs in home aquariums:

3   For a different perspective check out CONEWARS: This article chronicles observations of life in Don Barclay's aquarium, especially the interaction of different species of cones. It was originally written as a series of e-mails posted to the Conch-L mailing list during April and May of 1999.


4. Recipes: What snails can I eat? How do I prepare them? Check out the new: Edible Molluscs Data Base


5. Announcement: I've finally have a snail named after me:
Meet "Avril Snail" a member of the Helicidae Family


Molluscan Clip Art From the WWW

These pieces of clipart were all found on the internet. I tried to use only those I found that were not copyrighted.

There are a few that you require permission to use or that I have used a specific clip art and have linked to the owner's site.

If the clipart has a copyright but the artist is advertising for business, it may appear in this section! Please be honest and do not use it without permission!

Many of the cliparts and gifs on these pages have been seen on so many web sites, that it is impossible to know who was the originator. If you recognize any of these unknown, PLEASE let me know.

If you see an item that definitely is copyrighted or you own it and do not wish it to be on these pages, please let me know, PLEASE let me know and it will be immediately removed.

Contact: Avril

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