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Malacology Lesson Plans and Teaching Aids
by Man and Mollusc
for Classroom and other Educational Uses
developed by Avril Bourquin

If you are planning to use any of the lesson plans I'm presenting, a good place to start is to print out and use the checklist


Educators: PLEASE take the time to read this:

An important message from the US Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
RE: Giant African Land Snails


Online Checklist: A full isting of necessary and Optional printouts, worksheets, articles, etc.

K - 12





General Lesson Plan: (quite adaptable for many different projects and lesson plans
by Avril Bourquin & Robynn Honeychurch




General Lesson Plan; Info for
K -12

Suggested grade lesson plans using the general lesson plan information
  • K-3
  • 4-8
  • 9-12

Online Plan




Online Visual Shell Kit: This is a Shell Identification Aid for the classroom use
K -12
Visual Shell Kit

Story: ©
"Sammy's Adventure"

Information on obtaining the Illustrated, soft bound storybook contact Avril









K - 8

The online version (Sorry! no illustrations)of this story may be printed out and used for classroom or similar educational purposes only.

Man and Molllusc Books
Story Science and financier:
Avril Bourquin
Children's story writer:
Robynn Honeychurch
Anna Palumbo





Sammy's Adventure Translations available.
Unlinked translations will be online soon

  1. Dutch
  2. German
  3. Korean
    Korean & English
  4. Romanian
  5. Russian
  6. Spanish
  7. Ukrainian

If your language is not here and you know someone who might be willing to translate the story, please contact me: Avril B



Molluscan Glossary

  • by Avril Bourquin
Online Glossary
Anatomy worksheets are now online along with a few fun quiz sheets. To access these, please go to the Checklist.
Malacology Articles and Stories by Man and Mollusc for Teachers to Use in their Classrooms: Please visit the Checklist.

Be sure to visit Man and Mollusc's Internet Resource Page:
Teachers! This Page is for YOU!
I add new www sites for teachers in this section on quite a regular basis. From classroom clip art to downloadable maps, it's all here. Be sure to let me know of a good page if you find one that you feel is worth a visit by other educators.


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More Sites by Man and Mollusc That Educators Might Find Useful
Click HERE for a Full Listing of Pages offered by Man and Mollusc
Teachers, This Page
is for You:
Children's Zone Science
Students! This Page
is For You!
Children's Internet Resources: This page is all geared to the younger viewer. Animals: (A to L)
Careers: Ocean-Related
Professional Careers
Avril's Fun Pages
Animals 2: (M to Z)
Educational: Good Sites To Learn all about Molluscs Fun Pages on the WWW Marine Life:

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WWW Worksheets and Printouts Available Online
Environment Canada:
Free pamphlets for teachers to use
K-12 News Our mission, "to facilitate the dissemination of educational material," is made possible in part by your efforts and we truly appreciate it. Working together, we can deliver free and cost effective educational material to every educator, parent and student.


  • All About Snails
    • Characteristics of snails.
    • Do you know where the snail's eyes are ?
    • What and how does a snail eat ?
    • How big can the snail grow ?
    • How does the snail move ?
    • Male or female ?


  • Life History of the snail
  • The snails have enemies too
  • Pond Snails
  • How do they breathe in water ?
  • Do you know that pond snails can be eaten ?
  • What does the pond snail feed on ?
    How does the pond snail reproduce ?

  • Related Snail activities & worksheets
  • More snail facts & activities


Mrs. Seagraves' QUEST Class and Thematic Units:


lots of great online worksheets for you to use


Online Children's Stories about molluscs:  
ProjectHappyChild ~ linking children all across the world ~ .WordSearch Invertebrates

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WWW Malacology Lesson Plans Online
also see the new Man and Mollusc Directories

Lesson Plan
Ask the Experts
Royal British Columbia Museum
  • activity sheets

The Educator's Reference Desk



  • Classification -
    The students will explore the process of classification by classifying animals using a taxonomy guide.
Cody's Science Education Zone:  

Discovery School




Education Planet:

good listings of materials and lesson plans available online

Exotic Aquatics on the Move
A joint project of National Sea Grant Network Geographic Education Alliances

(Grade 12 level)
  • Zebra Mussel
  • Asiatic Clam
  • Chinese Mystery Snail
  • Veined Rapa Whelk



  • not only a great lesson plan but a complete source of information on the mollusc exotics
Activities Exchange
  • Complete Lesson plan by Kathy Lu
On the Trail of the Marine Snail
(Slug the Thug & His Gastropod Gang)
  • Definitely a different molluscan lesson plan. It's in the form of a game.
The Oyster
by Joyce Bryant
Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute

  • This unit on the oyster is intended for use with seventh and eighth grade students. However, the material may be appropriate for elementary and high school. It is the instructor who can best judge its usability.
  • Complete lesson plan with even quizzes and activity suggestions
Hatfield Marine Science Center Marine Education Programs  
Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute:
  • three complete lesson plans online

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More WWW Molluscan Sites Worth Visiting

Now found on the Man and Mollusc Directory


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