Intermediate Level Molluscan Quiz

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In each question, one answer and only one answer is NOT correct. Place a tic beside that answer.


1. Molluscs have been on the earth for approximately:

2. All molluscs require __________ to live:

3. Invertebrates that have soft bodies and often have a shell are called:

4. Molluscs breathe by means of using:

5. Molluscs in the Class of Gastropoda have a _________ part shell:

6. Molluscs can be found:

7. Mollusc that are carnivores may eat foods such as:

8. The finger-like knobs extending from a molluscs head are called _________:

9. Man has used and sometimes still uses sea shells for:

10. Octopus, members of the Class cephalopoda have __________ tentacles

11. Examples of molluscan classes are:

12. Most molluscs have a tongue-like ribbon coated with tiny rasp-like teeth that are used to scrape of small pieces of food. This file-like part of the snail is called the:

13. Molluscs have one broad, muscular __________ with which they move about their habitat

14. Molluscs have a flesh-like organ of soft tissue called the __________. This organ takes calcium and other chemicals out of their environment and uses these chemicals to make it's shell.

15. Molluscs can produce a mucus-like slime to:

16. These molluscs can produce pearls:

17. Molluscs can use this form of action to move from place to place:

18. Some molluscs are covered with sharp spines. These are used as:

19. Member of the bivalve class can grow to weigh:

20. Examples of recipes that you would use molluscs in:

21. The language scientists use when talking about and describing all animals is:

22. Molluscs with a one-piece shell are called:

23. Which phrase does NOT describe a garden slug:

24. Which animal listed below is not a mollusc:

25. People who study molluscs and their shells are called: