References to the Mollusc Fauna of the Red Sea by Author
Information Provided By Henk Menis

Original Transcripts from the Conch-L Listserve

This work is not complete. Henk informs me that there will be numerous additional postings in the (near) future.

Please, also note:

The major source for Red Sea literature will remain the list of references in
Dekker & Orlin, 2000 ( Available for sale on the Vita Marina Site)

Avril Bourquin


[......] around author names or around titles indicate usually that those articles appeared in a language not using Latin characters: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Japanese or Chinese for example. Transliteration of the authors names or the titles is often problematic due to the fact that no exact Latin characters can replace certain Hebrew or Russian characters. So references to these authors or titles may differ from source to source (Zoological Record, Malacological Review, etc.).

In a few cases it may also indicate that a note was published anonymous, but through inside information the author is known to Henk.


Abbott, R.T.:


Abraham, P.S.:


Adam, W.:


Adam, W. & Rees, W.J.:

Ali, S.M.:


Almogi-Labin, A. & Reiss, Z.:


Almogi-Labin, A.:


Ayal, Y. & Safriel, U.N.:

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Barash, A. & Danin, Z.:


Baschieri-Salvadori, F.:


Beltagi, S. & Ghamrawy, M.S.:


Bergh, R.:


Berner, T., Wishkovsky, A. & Dubinsky, Z.:


Biggs, H.E.J.:


Blanford, W.T:


Bodoy, A.:


Boone, C.E.:


Boury, E. de:


Bullen, R.A.:


Burgess, C.M:

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Carus, C.G.:


Cernohorsky, W.O.:


Cernohorsky, W.O. & Bratcher, T.:


Cervera, J.L., Garcia-Gomez, J.C. & Megina, C.:


Chen, C.:


Christiaens, J.:


Chuckchin, V.:


Cooke, A.H.:


Coomans, H.E.:


Coovert, G.A.:


Cox, L.R.


Crossland, C


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Dafni, J.:


Dafni, J. & Singer, B.S.:


Dekker, H.:


Dollfus, R.-Ph.:


Dohrn, H.:


DuShane, H.:

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Eales, N.B.:


Eibschutz, M., Frei, E.H., Gorodetsky, G. & Steinitz, H.:


Eisler, R.:


Eliot, C.N.:


ElNaim, A.G.:


Eisawy, A.M.:


Emerson, W.K. & Cernohorsky, W.O.:


Engel, H.:

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Faber, M.J.:


Fahrner, A. & Schroedl, M.:


Fainzilber, M.:


Fair, R.H.:


Farah, O.M.:


Fehse, D. & Grego, J.:


Fischer, P.H.:

Fischer, P.H., 1903. De l'indentite d'une arche figuree par Savigny. J. de Conchyl., 51 (4): 323-325.


Fishelson, L.:


Fischer-Piette, E. & Vukadinovic, D.:


Fishelson, L. & Kidron-Lazar, J.:


Forskal, P.:


Fox, H.M.:


Fuchs, T.:


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Genin, A.:


Gerdes, G., Spira, J. & Ch. Dimentman:


Glover, E.A. & Taylor, J.D.:


Gohar, H.A.F. & Aboul-Ela:


Gohar, H.A.F. & Soliman, G.N.:


Goreau, T.F., Goreau, N.I., Soot-Ryen, T. Yonge, C.M.:


Goreau, T.F., Goreau, N.I. & Yonge, C.M.:


Goreau, T.F., Goreau, N.I., Yonge, C.M. & Neumann, Y.:




Griffiths, R.J.:


Gray, J.W. & Frembley:


Gruvel, A.:

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Haas, F.:


Hadar, A.:


Halim, Y.:


Haderlie, E.C.:


Hall, W.J. & Standen, R.:


Ham, C.K.:


Ham, C.L.:


Hamann, G.:


Hart, H.C.:


Heiman, E.L:


Heiman, E.L. and Mienis, H.K.:


Herbert, D.G.:


Hesse, P.:


Houbrick, R.S.:


Hughes, R.N.:


Hunon, C.:

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Jensen, K.R:


Jickeli, C.F.:


Jickeli, K.:


Jonklaas, R.S.L. & Nicolay, K.:


Johnson, R.F. & Valdes, A.:

Jung, P. & Abbott, R.T.:

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Kilburn, R.N.:


Kiseleva, G.A.:


Klunzinger, C.B.:


Kool, H.H.:


Korkos, D.:

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Lavee, D. & Ritte, U.:


Levitus, M.:


Lewinsohn, Ch. & Fishelson, L.:


Leyen, A. van & Spoel, S. van der:


Lorenz Jr.:


Ludbrook, N.H.:

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Marbach, A. & Tsurnamal, M.:


Marcus, E. & Marcus, E.:


Marrat, F.P.:


Martinez, E.:


Mergner, H. & Schuhmacher, H.:


Mienis, H.K.:


Mienis, H.K. and Gat, G.:


Mienis, H.K. & Lavy, P.:


Moolenbeek, R.G.:

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Ninomiya, T.:


Nir, Y.:

Nir, Y., 1971. Geology of Entedebir Island and its recent sediments Dahlak Archipelago - Southern Red Sea. Israel J. Earth-Sciences, 20: 13-40.

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Oliver, P.G. & Zuschin, M.:


O'Malley, J.F.:


Oren, O.H.:


Orr, J.:


Ostini, M.:


Ozinsky, S.:

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Paschall, N.:


Pashtan, A. & Ritte, U.:


Peled, D.:


Pic, M.:


Por, F.D.:


Powell, A.W.B.:

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Raybaudi Massilia, L.:


Rahma, George, G.E.:


Rahma, I.H. & Newkirk, G.F.:


Rapoport, J.:


Rehder, H.A.:


Richter, G.:


Richert, T.:

Robertson, R.:


Robin, A.:


Rockel, D.:


Romagna-Manoja, E.H.:


Roemer, E.:


Rosewater, J.:


Rudman, W.B.:


Rusmore-Villaume, M.L.:


Ryland, A.T.:

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Sabelli, B. & Spada, G.:


Safriel, U.N., Felsenburg, T. & Gilboa:


Safriel, U.N., Gilboa, A. & Felsenburg, T.:

Safriel, U.N. & Hadfield, M.G.:


Safriel, U.[N.] & Lipkin, Y.:


Safriel, U.N. & Ritte, U.:


Salvini-Plawen, L. von.:


Salvini-Plawen, L. von & Benayahu, Y.:


Schaefer, W.:


Schilder, F.A.:


Schuhmacher, H.:


Schoenberg, O.:


Sharabati, D.:


Sheinberg, B.


Singer, B.S.:

Singer, B.S and Mienis, H.K.:


Singer, B.S., Mienis, H.K. & Geiger, D.L.:


Smriglio, C. & Mariottini, P.:


Smythe, K.B.:


Snyder, M.A.:


Spencer, A.I.B.:


Spoel, S. van der:


Steuer, A.:

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Taylor, J.D.:


Tsuriel, P.S.:


Tucker, J.K.:

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Ubaldi, R.:

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Vassel, E.:


Vayssiere, A.:


Verbinnen, G. & Pickery, R.:


Vermeij, G.J.


Verbinnen, G. & Pickery, R.


Volker, L


Wils, E. & Verbinnen, G.:


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Walls, J.G.:


Waren, A.:


Weinkauff, H.C.


Weitlauf, G.:


Wranik, W. & Saad, M.:

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Yaron, I.:


Yeruslavski, I.:

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