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Remember your shells are precious to you. This goes for everyone! Be as honest and fair in dealing with potential buyers as possible.

If you are selling a collection and you are not familiar with shells (as in an inherited collection) it would be wise to do a bit of research before setting a price.

This service will cost you $100.00 in Canadian funds regardless of the size of collection that you are advertising. Your ad will be placed on the net for six months, then if you so desire it can remain for a further six months free of charge. After that it will cost a further $100.00 dollars but I would advise you at that time to reconsider what you are asking for the collection.

You must send accurate details of the collection plus any photos of the collection to be sold to myself (Avril Bourquin). I must recieve the money before an ad page will be set up. Once I have received the money, your individual private ad will designed and linked up to a temporary address. Upon your approval, the page will be linked up to the Man and Mollusc Collections For Sale (This page)

I will not be held responsible for any problems encountered with the sale of your collection. Get to know who you are dealing with in regards to the sale. Know all their expectations and be sure that they know all yours.

I am only responsible with your online ad and will not handle any dispersment of the actual collection or any monies involved. You are responsible for all transactions for the sale and the actual dispersal of the collection including shipping details.

If you have any questions in regards to this service that I am offering, please feel free to contact me.

Best of luck in the sale of your collection.

Avril Bourquin


This is an impersonal list. I do not know any of these sellers personally and do not give credence to any of their collections.

Research the person just as you would any other shell dealer. Talk to (phone or Email) the seller and get to know them before setting up a deal. Make sure you know and understand their personal policies that they use for grading shells their shells if they say that collection data is available.

Know and understand what you are to pay for the shell collection. Know All the conditions of the sale before entering into a final sale agreement. If the person is reputable, they won’t mind answering any pertinent questions you may have in regards to the shells or the sale.


Avril Bourquin

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SOLD (July 15,2002) Mike L.: (June 01, 2002 ): A beautiful, large shell cabinet and collection for sale.


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