Visual Shell Kit


This is a "Visual Shell Kit" to accompany Man and Mollusc's Lesson Plans. You may print it out to accompany your teacher's and or other educators Lesson Plans. Please do not use it for any other purpose! These lesson plans are being offered free of charge. Please be honest and do not abuse this free educational service. I will add (at the end of this letter) a list of good identification books which you can purchase for your own personal needs.

Many of these pictures have been directly downloaded from the World Wide Web (WWW). When possible, I asked for permission from the photo's owner for permission to use their photo. Many I heard from, many I did not. I have not listed the original owner of any pictures found in this section. I tried to and hopefully have avoided using any shell photos clearly marked as copyrighted. Please do not use these photos for any other purpose than for classroom or educational programs.

If I have used a photo of yours, and you would really not like it to be used for this educational project, PLEASE CONTACT ME! (Avril Bourquin). I will immediately remove your photo.

Due to the number of pictures used and to the fact that many had to be formatted to fit this project structure, I will not be placing personal credits on any of the pictures found in this "Visual Shell Kit". I used as many of my own personal shells as possible for this project and scanned them in using my Hewlett-Packard Scanjet 4300C.

This "Visual Shell Kit" is to be used as an aid in helping you the educator identify shells that you or your students are using in the classroom or other educational venues. I have tried to place as many of the inexpensive and most common shells found world wide. I did, however; also add in a few rarities, especially beautiful shells and shells with interesting history or stories about.

If for some reason you are not able to personally put together a classroom shell kit using your own shells and those of your student's; please let me know. I can upon request provide a small shell kit for your use as long as you give me sufficient notice.

A School or Teacher's Resource Center can also apply for a Marine Kit for their own. This is a free service I provide for education and many wonderful shell dealers actually donate or give at much reduced cost's shell, coral pieces, echinoderms, etc. for these kits. A few beginner's books are also included. Due to the cost of these kits ($200.00 (USA) and up ) I am only able to provide four kits per year. You will be responsible for shipping costs only. These kits are housed in a Rubbermaid type plastic container.

These must be applied for by a School or Teacher's Center and must be kept at that address. I cannot start donating personal shell kits.

If you would like to be the recipient of such a kit, I would appreciate if you could try to find someone willing to pay for a sponsorship banner on my Man and Mollusc Site. For information on sponsorship, please go to: /sponsorship_letter.html. This does help me to defray some of the costs of producing this educational site and educational projects such as lesson plans and shell kits. This, however, is not mandatory!


Due to the length of this Visual Aid, It is broken down into sections for speedier loading. You will have to user your back key to return to this page as I didn't want navigational frames in this booklet. Please be sure to copy out this page of introduction for your booklet as well so that others using your booklet will understand about the permitted usage for educational purposes:

  1. Title Page
  2. Introduction:
  3. Section 1. Gastropods (/lesson_plan_files/lesson_one_1.html)
  4. Section 2: Gastropods
  5. Section 3: Gastropods
  6. Section 4: Bivalves
  7. Section 5: Miscellaneous Classes
  8. Section 6: Terrestrial and Freshwater Specimens


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