The Oreo-Odesssa Files
Learn about the worst snail pests in the world and be aware that keeping them as a pet is not always a good idea.
Meet Oreo

Site owner, Avril Bourquin has a pet Oreohelix strigosa.

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Meet Clarence
Toni and Dawn have a saltwater aquarium in which they keep a rescued Batillaria minima. I hope that you enjoy meeting "Clarence"
Cone Wars!:  by Don Barclay:

Life and death in the aquarium! An experiment designed to expose interactions between cones (Conidae) and their prey ends up providing a lot of humour and solid scientific observati
A Horse Conch Tale
By Carolyn Petrikin - "Our 30 gallon home aquarium has been home to a specimen of the Florida State Shell, Triplofusus giganteus, a brownish Horse Conch, since July, 2005. ..."
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