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The Oreo-Odessa Introduction Page

The background information on why Odessa and Oreo are presenting this article.

Cornu aspersum
(Müller 1774)
Petit Gris (Small Grey One)

Odessa's Autobiography

Oreohelix strigossa
(Gould, 1846)
Rocky Mountain Snail
Oreo's Autobiography

Our Mission: The Odessa Email Files

Odessa talks to Oreo (penpals) through emails and tells him all about the world's most troublesome snails and how even a small snail can make a difference.

Remember, you only need a little "s" to turn PET into PEST!
The releasing of 1 pet snail can in a very short time produce a pest species!


The Worldwide Legalities of Keeping Pet Snails

Governamental Institutions and Their Laws

  • Canada: Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • USA: The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
               The United States Department of Agricultural (USDA)


The Wanted Pages

Odessa and Oreo discuss the "Most Wanted Snails"

1. the Giant African Land Snail (actually three separate species are kept as pets)

  • Achatina fulica
    (Bowdich, 1822)
  • Achatina marginata
    (Swainson, 1821)
  • Achatina achatina
    (Linnaeus, 1758)

# 1 Most Wanted Terrestrial Snail

2. the Rosy Wolfsnail
Euglandina rosea (Ferussac, 1818)



# 2 Most Wanted Terrestrial Snail

3. the Apple Snail
Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck, 1822)



# 3 Most Wanted Snail
(This is an Amphibious snail)

4. The Brown Garden Snail
Helix aspersa (O.F. Müller in 1774)

Yes, I'm sorry but Odessa is considered a pest species!

Agriculture Pest

Marine (Salt Water) Molluscs that also made the Most Wanted 100 List:

Based on the
Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) (http://www.itis.usda.gov/)

These will not be discussed by Odessa or Oreo at this time. However, please be aware of these molluscs and the damages they can cause to a foreign environment.
If, by the odd chance you do possess one of these molluscs in a home salt water aquarium - Please be a responsible owner and do not release them into a nonnative environment for any reason.

Oreo and Odessa's Favorite Pet Snail Stories:

  1. Damien & Curley: Helix aspersa versus the house cat
  2. Barney's Life Story: Pomacea canaliculata (Apple Snail)
  3. Hannah & Hector "The New House Mates"
  4. Life and Death Comes to Our Home Pomacea canaliculata (Apple Snail) and the Carribean Land Hermit Crabs
Oreo and Odessa's Friends of the WWW Pet Snail Stories: If you have a favorite pet snail story that you would like to see online, please send them toAvril
Some Handy Tips for Keeping Your Pet Snails Healthy and Happy: This is not a Care Page. There are many good sites providing the snail pet owners with proper care and advice. This page will be for people to tell us of their personal fun recipes or other tactics and props they use to keep their pets happy and healthy.
Send your tips to Avril
The Cast of Pets used in this article



Written Materials


Wanted Pages: Information gathered and compiled
by Avril Bourquin
Odessa Email Files and Pet Stories: written by Joyce Tryon
All Pages: editied
by Avril Bourquin and Joyce Tryon

Pictures and Graphics








Article graphics were personally created for this article by Avril
Pictures of Oreo: Avril Bourquin
Pictures of Odessa & Varoius Other Pet Snails used throughout article: Joyce Tryon and formatted by Avril Bourquin

Other Snail Pictures:

Jail Bar Backkground Graphic for Wanted Pages

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